Home Page of Reza Hassanpour


Çankaya University

Computer Engineering Department

Ankara, Turkey



 Academic Title: Assistant Professor

Research: 3D Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, 3D Modeling and Visualization


Reza Hassanpour received a B.S and M.S degrees in Computer Engineering from Shiraz University and Tehran Polytechnic University in 1995 and 1998 respectively. He received his Ph.D.degree in Computer Engineering from the Middle East Technical University in 2003.



            CENG 214: Advanced Programming

            CENG 328: Operating Systems

            CENG 351: File Organization

            CENG 290: Data Communications

            CENG 393: Computer Networks

    Graduate Courses

            CENG 501: Operating Systems

            CENG 502: Computer Networks

            CENG 503: Image Processing

            CENG 509: Pattern Recognition

CENG 514: Computer Graphics


A selected list of my publications can be found here

Contact Information:

    Phone: +90 312 2231338

    Offıce: Faculty of Engineering, L-214

    Email: reza[AT]cankaya.edu.tr